This music producer has worked with top artist like Madonna, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga in the music industry. That accolade sound very interesting right?But that will just amount to absolutely nothing if BTV SOLO can’t produce quality music.

Fortunately, Dallas experience about hit records has granted him the different opportunity to now the various techniques you need combine to have great music. Having tested the Demo of the software, we will be going through all the upsides and downsides, and why the software is a perfect option for quality recording in the music industry.

What exactly is the BTV Music Production Software?

The software is a great opportunity for the intermediate and professional producers that don’t have up to $1000 to buy expensive hardware for their various recordings. The BTV Solo is equipped with a “Beat Thang” studio for production that the regular hardware will produce. This software can work without any form of hardware. I will say this software is great because it is packed with aficionado’s music.

BTV Solo happens to be a top beat software you can get in the music industry today. Most of the control is in the window, and you can still make use of the keyboard or the mouse to make the beat from the preloaded option on the software.

There are more than 100 preloaded beats, and you may have an issue accessing them because there is no search box to get the particular beat you per time. The simplicity of the software is something to comment especially if you are still a beginner and wanting to make your own beats.

BTV Software Key features:

  • The BTV SOLO is well-packed software that is very easy to use with an interface that is very easy to navigate that produce beat just like the standard hardware. What you will love about the interface of this software is that it can be controlled by the mouse and keyboard which makes the operation of the beat making seamless.
  • There is no drag and drop features on this software because it’s not the norm Al kind of music software.
  • You can use this software both on your Window and Mac system
  • BTV SOLO has an inbuilt sounds and mixers kits.
  • This software has a top notch editing tools. This includes WAV files that can be edited, which allow you to add effect to your music and give it the sound you want. The software has a button we called a beat per minute. This button allows you to adjust the particular music you are listening.
  • The software comes with 1000 preloaded track for you. BTV has more than 1,000 professional beats that will equate to about 16 tracks. You can choose from any of these tracks with your mouse or keyboard and quickly delete the beat you don’t want. All of this beats automatically synchronize with the music you want t mix.

The Advantages BTV SOLO Software:

  • This very easy to navigate and can be used by a beginner
  • This software allows you to customize your sound and beat
  • The WAV editing tool allows the editing of your sound and music to your taste.
  • The software has a VST instrument that is highly priced
  • The selection by mouse and keyboard allow you to get the sound you need in no time.
  • You can use the preloaded music from the manufacturer or select a sound from your computer
  • The producer of this software gives you a two-month money back guarantee

The Disadvantages BTV SOLO Software

  • This software may be complicated at first because it will take some time for you to master the various tool and their use
  • The software does not have a search box to get the sound you want when you need it
  • The price of this software is on the high side compared to Dr. Drum, music software like BTV SOLO.
  • The interface mimics a real hardware and may be difficult for a beginner to use.

What is the Cost of the Software?

The 1000 sound included goes for $27. And $47.95 for about 5000 sounds and some features that are added. The last package is the one with 7000 sound and various advanced features that go for $179.

The BTV SOLO Support and Help

The BTV software has a lot of tutorials to allow you understand the interface of this system. The manufacturer also has tons of YouTube videos to help every beginner learn the use of this software in no time. The manufacturer also has a member’s area In which you can access the forum to access the various professional help and support you need at your finger tips. You may also choose the option of mailing or place a direct phone call to one of the BTV representative.

Final Thoughts on BTV Solo:

This is the only complete software in the music industry today. This may not be the number one choice for a beginner, that is just starting music production. You need to learn the fundamental of the hardware to be familiar with the various tools on the software. This is why it will be a good choice for a beginner to go for other software that does the same thing in the industry. The BTV Software is worth the value because of the VST instruments to it.

In a nutshell, The BTV Solo is ideal for music production but may not be the best of choice for beginners. The manufacturer also gives you a 60 days money back guarantee.

I do believe this is a perfect fit if you are making and editing your own videos. You want to add music to your videos without worrying about copyright laws. Then this software should fit right in your arsenal of editing software.




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