Death rounds, talks in my head and tries to take me with her into darkness, I resist with all my might, but I am no longer holding on, every day I die a little bit and I am dying more and more


Sometimes you just want to put together a playlist of life and walk aimlessly to the cliff, listen to that song that says everything about you and your life, feeling the wind that will relieve the impact of the fall!

I hear voices, they say terrible things about me, but no one listens to them, they live in my head and they say
“Kill yourself!”


“Whoever wishes to master the symptoms of a chronic disease like dysthymia must persevere. Perseverance is the way of the stones for improvement because, even if it is slow and difficult, it is the most efficient.”


That moment you realize that you are sober and have no reason to be.


When you need it most, no one notices the silent screams of your mind.


It is in my greatest pains that I cultivate the certainty that people do not change and that my hopes are merely mere illusions that are recreated every time I try to believe in the good side of human beings


Why do I feel so inadequate? Maybe for the simple fact that I was not really enough Source


Who saves on the exaggeration of good emotions takes antidepressant, I think! I am exaggeratedly happy …


No problem is stronger than a person because there would be no problems if there were no people, people created the problems and they could also destroy them.


People just do not know how to accept something new, there is always a dissatisfying criticism behind every innovation, this can make the creator stronger or put him in a bed in depression.


It is preferable to live the most beautiful adventures or misadventures with someone who can make you happy than live without a love; A person who does not love is a person who does not live.


“Haunted by life, one day I believed in happiness.”


You were the only person who did not do it alone, but now, alone again!


I’ve already lost myself in the words I’ve
already distilled in tears
I’m looking for and I find myself
In the empty spaces of the silences!


One day you will discover that everything is not what you think it is …


To be Perfect is to have as many happy MOMENTS as possible.


“I’m not a bad wave, I’m the whole ocean.”


In my opinion, there are two types of death: if you are lucky, you have a long life and one day your body stops working and it is over. But if you’re unlucky, you die a little again and again until you realize it’s too late.


Make a paper boat.
Put in it the sorrows, sufferings, bitterness, anguish, sadness, depression …
Put the boat to sail and be happy!


I would go back so much in time to the point of returning to being a sperm.


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